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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Interview with Ashleigh Barnes.

Congratulation on your one year success.

Nadeelah: Hi how are you?  

Ashleigh: Hi! I'm doing great, thank you.

Nadeelah: Who is Ashleigh? (For those who do not know her.)

Ashleigh: Ashleigh is a 17 year old Jamaican blogger & soon to be university student. I'm a lover of fashion, music, and the beach. I recently won the title 'Outstanding Caribbean Child Researcher 2011'. My major interests lie in Public Relations & Event Planning. I'm also interested in the beauty/fashion industry, so I would also like to try my hand at something in that. 

Nadeelah: How you first got involved in blogging? Why? 

Ashleigh: I first got involved in blogging a little over a year ago. I was just sitting at home one holiday and just decided that hey - how about I start a little blog so I can share pictures, ideas, etc? I went ahead with the idea because I saw it as a fun thing I could do in my spare time. 

Nadeelah: What was the first year of blogging like? 

Ashleigh:The first year of blogging was incredible! The feedback was great as I managed to cop over 22,000 blog views at the time, and for that I'm extremely grateful. There were times I would slack off and not write anything for days because I would get too lazy, but I'm working on that :)

Nadeelah: What’s the most exciting thing about blogging?

Ashleigh: The most exciting thing about blogging is not only being granted the freedom to share whatever you have in mind, but the positive feedback you get from the readers about your blog. That just boosts everything.

Nadeelah What is the pink socialite?

Ashleigh: Well, The Pink Socialite is the name of my blog. To be honest, that name just sort of popped into my head at the time and I just decided to go along with it. My blog offers a little of everything - success stories, music, photos of places I visit, interviews with great MUA's, photographers, & artistes, fashion/beauty tips and more.

Nadeelah: Do you have struggles finding things to blog about? 

Ashleigh: There are times when I do struggle finding things to blog about, but it's rare. What I normally do is write a list at the start of the month about what I would like to see on my blog then I just work with that.

Nadeelah: Is there any specific blogger that you admire or look up to? Why? 

Ashleigh: Definitely. I'm an avid reader of JBStyleZone which is owned by Jamaican blogger James Black. She takes fashion to a whole new level! I've also been interested in food blogs lately and the one I've been reading is by Jessica Hylton who is also Jamaican. Hers is Jessiker Bakes. Her blog is well put together and her baking skills is impeccable! 

Nadeelah: If someone was interested in blogging what would your advice be? 

Ashleigh:Go ahead with it! There are many blog services such as Blogger, Wordpress and LiveJournal which allows you to blog for free. Decide what you want your blog to be about and get writing. Post the link to your Facebook, Twitter and other social network pages so people will know about your blog, and be sure to post new and interesting things as often as possible so people will be willing to come back and read. 

Nadeelah: Who is that celebrity you talk about on a regular abases hoping to meet? 

Ashleigh:I love Rihanna and Demi Lovato, so definitely those two.

Nadeelah:  A year ago did you see or imagine yourself feeling this proud about your accomplishment with your blog?

Ashleigh:No. This is really a surprise! All of it. I didn't think I would still be interested in my blog after a few months when I started it. I didn't even think I would have so many readers either. So to know that I'm still in this and I'm getting great reception, it's an awesome feeling! 

Nadeelah: I know you spent a lot of time with your followers, taking their advice in order to have an appealing blog. Your patience and persistence has finally paid off. I wish you the best of luck years to come.

Ashleigh:Thank you


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